Terms of Use

For using this matrimonial site ,Dulhadulhanonline, you need to register yourself as a member of this site. Once you become the member, you can fully avail all the services provided by this matrimonial website. Your profile will be visible to other members using this platform . In order to keep things well-coordinatedand fully professional all members are obliged to follow “Terms of Use” and need to exhibit this obligation by accepting the online agreement generated on the portal. The terms of this agreement may get modified over the period of time by website owners as per requirement. Serious legal action will be taken place against anyone found in violation of clauses mentioned in the agreement.

Eligibility Criteria:-

All people who have reached legal marriageable age (currently, 18 years or over for females and 21 years or over for males) are eligible to register themselves as members of Dulhadulhanonline. The purpose of this site is to act as a match maker for any two people who wishes to enter into a matrimonial relationship under the laws to which they subject. Being a member of Dulhadulhanonline, you vouch this fact that you are not prohibited by any legal law for the time being in force or any order or decree or injunction from any court, tribunal or any such competent authority restraining you from entering into matrimony. All members using this website are here to seek life partners on serious terms and should not take this website as an ordinary dating site.Dulhadulhanonline can dismiss your membership at any point in time , if there comes any misconduct or misrepresentation from your side, irrespective of your remaining membership fee.


You can end your membership at any time , once you formally write to dulhadulhanonline specifying the reason behind the termination. There will be no refund of any unutilized membership fee, unless until stated in certain circumstances.Dulhadulhanonline can discontinue your membership by simply sending you a notification message at your email address . If your termination happens because of breach of rules mentioned in the agreement , you will not be entitled to receive any subscription balance.

Non- Commercial Use by members:-

Members are not allowed to use Dulhadulhanonline for any commercial or marketing undertakings. All members can promote their profiles to find perfect matches for matrimonial purposes but misusing this website for commercial purposes may lead to strict legal action taken against the perpetrator. Using this website for promoting your own brand or some other marriage website is strictly forbidden. Companies and Organizations are not allowed to become members of Dulhadulhanonline as this website is primarily for individuals looking forward to engage themselves in matrimonial alliances.

Other Terms of use by Members:-
  • Dulhadulhanonline will be regularly reviewing the activities of its members and any removal of a profile/ account may occur as a result of this review.
  • Dulhadulhanonline holds the right of deactivating/ deleting multiple profiles of the same individual without any reimbursement of subscription fees. Having multiple profiles of the same individual is strictly prohibited on this site.
  • Once you register yourself as member of dulhadulhanonline and accepts the agreement, you showing your consent /approval to receive any future emails , notification messages, updates , calls from our site. This consent shall supersede any preferences set by you with or registration done with the Do Not Disturb (DND Register)/ National Customer Preference Register (NCPR).
  • All information provided by members at the time of registration is deemed to be authentic and accurate.
  • All members are instructed to submit a copy of all those cards that are issued by the government as a proof of your legitimate identity. This may include a copy of your driving License , Passport and identity card. The purpose behind all this verification is to build trust relationships with the website users.
  • You are only allowed to advertise your profile for match making purposes and should refrain from all those acts that intent to promote your personal business , goods or services. All members are expected not to forward junk /spam emails to other users and avoid similar acts of disturbances.
  • All members are expected to respect the confidentiality of information obtained from other members and should avoid misuse of personal information from harassment point of view. Any member found guilty of such misconduct will be punishable by law.
  • Dulhadulhanonline has full authority to take any necessary action at any time for protecting its members from abuse /harm and harassment.
  • Regular screening will take place of all communication content and advertisements that you may use to interact with other individuals. It is openly proclaimed that any content that is considered as a threat or that violates agreement terms will be deleted immediately before it reaches out its relevant recipient.
  • Use of automated processes like IRC Bots, EXE’s, CGI for communication purposes is strictly forbidden.
  • It is deemed that upon registration all members have read the guidelines enlisted under security tips. As members of dulhadulhanonline you are showing your consent to abide and adhere to these privacy and safety instructions.
  • It is deemed that upon accepting the agreement , all members have read the terms and conditions and are agreeing to abide by them.
Proprietary Rights:-

This site contains copyrighted material and trademarked information. The rights of all the information published on this website are solely retained by its owners and licensors except for those information published on member’s profiles.  Strict legal action will be taken against any organization/ business or website that uses information disseminated on dulhadulhanonline.
Membership will be terminated on spot if any member is found guilty of this misconduct.

Website Content:-
  • Dulhadulhanonline preserves the right of deleting any sort of content whether published on member’s profile or used as communication if it contains any abusive or offensive material. Regular reviews will be performed to check any term violations and member’s profile will be immediately deleted if found guilty of any transgression.
  • By becoming a registered member of Dulhadulhanonline ,you hereby give consent that all information published on your public profile can be used , manipulated and advertised by Dulhadulhanonline .
  • Members are not allowed to display their email addresses, phone numbers, residential addresses and URLs on their public profile.
  • You are only allowed to advertise your profile for match making purposes and should refrain from all those acts that intent to promote your personal business , goods or services. All members are expected not to forward junk /spam emails to other users and avoid similar acts of disturbances.
  • Any information published by members that is visible to wider audiences implies that the member is granting full use of that information. This may include copying , modification and distribution of that information .Dulhadulhanonline will not take any responsibility of any claim made in this context by any member.
  • Following contents are proclaimed prohibited by website:-
    • Offensive in any sense , promotes racism ,religious hatred , prejudice.
    • Content harassing the other person.
    • Content exhibiting any act of abuse/threat or intimidation.
    • Junk emails/Spams or chain letters.
    • Unauthorized use of trademarked information.
    • Content exhibiting pornography or sexual material.
    • Content involving exploitation of those under age 18.
    • Information encouraging illegitimate activities like use of weapons and breaching privacy policy.
    • Misuse of someone’s personal information like passwords and national identity card numbers.
    • Any information that includes promotional or advertisement content.
Member Disputes:-

You will be responsible for any kind of communication you initiate with other members. Dulhadulhanonline will not intervene as third party to resolve any conflicts that may occur between members. Although the site retains the right of removing or deactivating the profile of the wrong doer but it does not take any responsibility of resolution of disputes arising as  a result of communication.

Subscription Fees:-

All kind of subscription fees deposited by members once upon registration will not be reimbursed unless until stated in certain circumstances. Website owners of Dulhadulhanonline will have complete autonomy on how to use these funds and will not be liable to members regarding the utilization of subscription fee.

  • Dulhadulhanonline will not be responsible for any false /inaccurate information provided by members for advertisement /communication/ Matrimonial purposes.
  • The site will not be responsible for unauthorized access to information published by members /users on their public profiles or on communication channels.
  • Dulhadulhanonline will not be responsible for any technical issues or problems faced by users while using this website .
  • The site will not be liable to any member or user if they suffer any loss or damage due to the use of this portal.
  • Dulhadulhanonline will not be accountable to any authority if users suffer any loss as a result of interaction with other users/members.  Any loss or damage that occurs as a result of entering into a matrimonial alliance will not be the responsibility of dulhadulhanonline
  • Dulhadulhanonline will not be liable to any court /tribunal for any illegal content posting on website.
Limitations of Liability :-

Under any circumstances.Dulhadulhanonline will not be answerable to any member or third party  for any kind of consequential or incidental damages , including any losses incurred as a result of using this website. Dulhadulhanonline’s liability to you for any cause whatsoever, and regardless of the form of the action, will at all times be limited to the amount paid, if any, by you to this site, for the Service during the term of membership.


All disputes resulting from using this website shall be dealt by the laws enacted by Indian government.


By accepting this agreement you affirm that you will full indemnify this website and all its stakeholders from any losses and claims made by third parties including attorney’s fees arising due to any litigations and proceedings.


By becoming a member a of dulhadulhanonline you are agreeing to receive certain types of emails and notifications from this websites and its subsidiaries. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the unsubscribed link attached with each email.