About Us

I have always believed to live a life that brings welfare to the society at large. Doing a routine 9 to 5 job and contributing to someone else’s business was not the life I ever wanted to live. I wanted to benefit others from my actions. We all work to earn bread and butter for our families but I wanted to earn through a business that could make this world a better place , a business that could benefit humanity. After completing my MBA , I thought about initiating some match making business. So I launched, Dulhadulhanonline.com to achieve my business and philanthropic dreams though one channel.

Marriage is a bond of trust , affection and care. It’s the purest form of relationship that existed since the beginning of this world. Adam and Eve were the first human beings who were tied into this bond and since that day every marriage happened on planet earth resurrected this unsullied and virtuos knot. Our God has consecrated us with the gift of marriage so that we can lead our lives in a modest way and achieve happiness and success. The purpose of marriage is to save the society from the shackles of adultery and infidelity. Sadly, many people in today’s world are engaged in “live-in “ relationships and in all such activities of similar nature and have put themselves in iron. The society is heading towards a tarnished situation where it is itself responsible for the calamity. So why should you advance towards misfortune.

Moreover, our younger generation in countries like Pakistan and India are living under family pressures. Marriages in Pakistan are largely influenced by the decisions and perceptions of the heads of the family. Girls and boys get little chance to talk to each other to discuss matrimonial issues. Most of the time the decision of marriage is imposed by the parents on children. This custom has in reality distorted the beautiful image of marriage cultivated by our religion and even by other religions. There is no religion on earth that does not advocate this pure relationship. But the actions of our seniors have tainted the sanctity of marriage. In today’s time youngsters get married to each other to exhibit the tag of marriage. This results in compatibility problems and ultimately divorcees. Dulhadulhanonline.com is here to revitalize the perception of marriage by allowing girls and boys to interact with each other on a global Platform. Once an individual finds someone of his/ her caliber , they can unite themselves in the bond of marriage. This website is not like ordinary dating websites where individuals deem to enter into fake relationships. This website promises a phenomenon future by uniting two compatible partners in matrimonial alliance. This website will help you to find your true love and life partner.

You will find many other websites on internet imparting match making services. What makes my site different is that it discourages time wasting dating activities and encourages member who have serious intentions for matrimonial relationship. All communication channels of website members will be strictly monitored by authorities and members will be penalized if found guilty of any misconduct. We are committed to offer protection and high quality services to our clients. Other websites offer substandard services at high prices , whereas my site is committed to provide topnotch services to its members at reasonable prices. Our priority is not the monetary benefit arising out of this business but the ultimate happiness and satisfaction of our clients.

Moreover , our website will act as a global platform providing services to Pakistani People spread across the world. Most of the people living in America , Australia , Uk and in other foreign countries travel back to Pakistan to find suitable pair for their children. By using this website you can ,save you bucks , and time and easily find your partner online. This website is not restricted only to Pakistani people or Muslims. People from different ethnic backgrounds are allowed to use this website for marriage purposes.

So it’s time to stop running after temporary , fragile relationships and get into something more promising and strong.