Safety Tips

Here are tips we find necessary and important to share with you on how to be safe online especially on this matrimonial website. is intent on ensuring we are a space where you can look for and get your lover and life partner conveniently, but more importantly safely and securely.

At, we have a team dedicated to checking every user’s profile on our site to ascertain that none contains any content we deem inappropriate for our site. Where such is found, we ensure necessary measures such as reporting or access restrictions are deployed by our reliable screening team and systems.

The truth remains that ensuring your safety and privacy protection is a task we can only get to do successfully in cooperation with you. We do our part extraordinarily well and you, dear member of, will do your own part too. The things you will be needed to do are simple and straightforward and our team have compiled them for you as the following in the following steps.


There is a reason we have chosen anonymity in the process of contacting, whether by interest expression or acceptance and declination of expressed interest, and also in our private messaging. The reason is simply to make sure no one can know who you really are up until the time when you choose to reveal your identity.

Here is what you can DO:

Always keep in mind that you are in control of what you do and get from using the internet, a hundred percent of the time. This means you determine whether you want to reveal your actual identity when and if you want to and when you do not want to, you remain your anonymous self.

Here is what you do NOT do:

Do not for any reason leave information that can identify you like name, phone contacts, work address, etc in the course of getting to know someone you are just meeting. Until you are conveniently certain you are exchanging messages with a person whom you can trust, do not give them anyone any identifying details or information about you.


Take things slowly. Avoid rushing. Here is a piece of good advice: create a new email address for your messages with contacts you meet on here. Follow your instinctsand restrict your communications to emails only.

Here is what you can DO:

Watch out for any odd behavior tendencies from the person you are communicating with. A person who is serious will also be courteous and acknowledge your need for your own space and would not intrude on you all the time. Such will give you your own time to consider whatever they are offering. You may also use a third eye to read emails you get from persons here. A third eye is removed from the interactions are will be seeing things from an uninvolved and more rational position and will be able to see any warning signs you may have missed. Terminate communications with a person who insists on your personal information or tries underhanded means to get it from you.

Here is what you do NOT do:

Avoid signature lines that include phone numbers and actual addresses that link to you in your emails. Never use a real or official email address when interacting with someone you do not know so well.


A picture will tell you what words may not. A picture speaks a thousand words literally. And this may prove useful in helping you get that much needed gut feeling about the person you are communicating with.

Here is what you can DO:

There is a Photo Request tool on Use it to request for a personal picture. Our site allows free scanning and upload options for registered members, so no one has genuine reasons not to be able to send you their pictures. An additional and helpful advice is to ask them to send you pictures of them in different places, say, in the house, on the street, formal, casual, etc. if the person keeps offering you excuses on why they cannot send you their photos, it may be that such a person is really hiding something.


Making conversations on the phone regularly can reveal communication and social skills pointers about a person. Never forget your security by hiding your personal number from a stranger.

Here is what you can DO:

Use apps or phone settings that block your phone number from appearing on the receiver’s phone. Give your number out only when you are certain and comfortable about the person. This should naturally come when you have enough background details on the person to make you feel comfortable.

If the number the person gives you has a strange area code, look it up before you call it to ensure it is not a charge number.


The major edge of online relationships is you can take your time to ‘know’ the person before making the decision to go ahead or not with such a person. There is no compulsion to pursue it further than you want. Do your thing as is convenient for you.

Here is what you can DO:

In this type of relationship, you are in charge, never forget. You take it offline when and if you are ready to. You can always change your mind. Trust your gut feeling if it keeps nudging you to keep the relationship at the anonymous level if when you do not have a reason to. Sometimes, your instincts are right.


When you finally are convinced it is okay to see the person in real life, you should consider having someone accompany you. In the event that you feel it is okay to meet the person unaccompanied, ensure a family or friend knows all the details about where you will be meeting. Meet at an open and public place like a park or if not, a restaurant or a coffee shop. Go when other people will be around and finding your way there and away home will be easy. Also, make sure you have your mobile phone with you.

What you should NOT do:

Do not meet in a secluded place for the first time. Do not allow them pick you or drop you at your address or anywhere near your address.


Look out for warning signs. Identify them when you see them. Act on them immediately. Your safety is paramount.

What you should DO:

Ask questions consistently and systematically and keep a watchful eye on the responses to notice inconsistencies. In doing this, you will easily detect who is lying and who may be trying to con you. Also, you will be able to figure if you people are compatible. Check for anger issues, disrespect, rudeness domineering attitudes and blame games and mind games. These are clear and present early warning signs. Put someone you trust in the picture as you go on this search. They can tell you who is who more easily than you can.


What you do NOT do:

Check if these boxes are ticked:

Not giving consistent information about personal details like age, appearance, marital status, work, address, etc.

Avoid answering questions in a straightforward way.

Markedly different in real life than the online persona.

Wouldn’t introduce you to the people in his life.

These are clear signs. Avoid these people.


Be on the lookout for money scams in any skin. Too many con men in the world and they may be on this site too.

As a general rule, do not give anyone you meet on this dating site your money. No one worth their salt and know what they are about will ask you for your money. Should anyone ask you to give them money on this platform, report such activities to us.

What you should NOT do:

Like it has been mentioned again and again, take your time to know who you can trust. Be responsible in this matter of the heart. Weigh your feelings in your mind and in your heart. Some people are on dating sites to find a temporary object of affection, do not fall for such people. Avoid premature intimacy with anyone you meet online. Take your time and be sure of what you are doing.

In the event that you have any unpleasant experience, report to the law enforcement. Your safety is paramount, this is worth repeating.

In the event of grievance, take the following steps:

  • Use the report option on the profile of the concerned member.
  • We will send you an email to confirm receipt of such reports and we will take the appropriate actions. will ensure we give all possible help to the law enforcement or any investigating agency to prosecute fraudulent users on our site, when we have been instructed directly by the respective agencies to do so.

You can write us with the complete detail of whatever fraud or misuse you experienced on our site.