Privacy Policy is an online advertising medium focusing on advert services for the end purpose of matchmaking. To do this, request is made of the user of specific personal information. This information is shown on the website after it is collected. Sure, anyone not interested in registering on can check profiles of registered members and every other thing on the site without leaving any of their personal information.


What Kind of Information does collect?

The information collected by is in two categories, viz:

Direct User-Submitted Information

Non-Direct User-Submitted Information.


Direct User-Submitted Information

From Member Users

Public and Private information delineate this type of information.

By Public Information, we refer to those information that are essentially biodata, e.g. gender, height, age, photo, etc. Information that makes it possible for other users to reach Members on medium that is not or permits access to data not shown on the website is Private Information.


How this works.

Public: collects information that makes it possible to reach members with tailored advertising. Information collected includes: user ID of Member on, age, gender, religion, income range, profession, phone, preference/lifestyle, location, picture, etc.

Private: collects information from users who indicate interest in the services proffers, viz: email, first or last name, credit card payment details, member password, mailing address, zip code and phone contact. permits users provide public and private information for others like relatives, acquaintances, dependants. If these people do not want their information shown, they can ask that they be removed as long as they are able to show proof that it is their own information.


FRAMING: There is the framing procedure we deploy that gives the impression of a user still being on our site while in fact, the user is on a third party site.

SURVEYS & CONTESTS: The site frequently asks users to give information using surveys or contests. Because the user has a choice in taking these surveys or contests, they may choose to or not to give information that is asked for. In these surveys or contests, what is asked is usually contact information like name and shipping address, and demographic information like zip code and user age.

Dulhadulhanonline.COM AFFILIATE PARTNERS PROGRAM: This is a medium through which other websites can link to We do not exchange any user’s information with the Affiliate Partner.


Other Tools on the Website

TESTIMONIALS: With permission, users who find satisfactory have posted their testimonials on the site.

LIVE CHAT: has a LIVE feature. Data provided by user on the chat is kept on the LIVE user’s server but not utilized. keeps these chats for the purpose of tracking and MIS.

MESSENGER: Users of the online instant messenger app on the site should know that information submitted on the app can be accessed by other users on the site and this may lead to you getting unwanted messages. is not liable for personal information submitted on the site.

Non-Direct User-Submitted Information.

AGGREGATE: Such information that cannot be identified with a user such as browser type and IP address is Aggregate. All users on have this information collected from them.

This is what happens to information collects/tracks:

Direct User-Submitted Information


Public: Information which a user gives is meant to be seen by visitors and members on the website. Visitors and members employ this when searching or looking for matches. Registered users cannot be identified by their public information, except their photos and this is when they choose to upload them. A member may not put up their telephone number to every public perusal but may set the option to being viewable by premium members alone. This can be done by setting telephone and other contact details as non-viewable to other members on My Contact Details page. Premium users alone can then see these information from members who have selected to have their contact details viewable only by premium members.

Private: employs user’s email addresses in confirming registration and in sending system emails for other users. Users are not allowed to have access to the email addresses. mails site news of our site or group sites to users but the right to opt out of receiving such emails is available. We also send users emails bothering on customer service issues. Payment details collected are used when charging users for products and services. Every other personal information supplied by members are protected and treated in strict confidence and are never disclosed except on order by law or to preserve the safety of members of Personal details with the exception of financial details provided while making a financial transaction and specific account-related data received during registration can be updated or removed by the member whenever they choose. The process for this is as shown:

Login to your account

Click on My Profile

Click on Edit options

update relevant information

Click Submit

NOTE: To disallow abuse, certain information like date of birth may be changed only on request. To change this, go to Help and use the Write to Customer Relations option.

To change private information:

Login to your account

Click on My Account

Update relevant information and submit.

SURVEYS AND CONTESTS: Information obtained during contests is used to inform winners of such contests and to give the prizes. Information obtained during surveys helps in tracking and upgrading user experience on the site.

Dulhadulhanonline.COM AFFILIATE PARTNERS PROGRAM: Affiliate Partner information assists in building and keeping a business relationship. Private or business information is kept in the business space between and her Affiliate Partners. They are not permitted access to private information of members.

OTHERS: gives ample opportunity to its members to exchange messages with one another so as to connect for matrimonial ends. does its best to ensure proper compliance to site ethics is followed by members, we also implore you to ascertain the genuineness of other members’ intentions before sending them information that are personal and traceable to you in your communications.

Non-Direct User-Submitted Information. employs user IP address and browser type information for the overall management of the site.

We strive to promote and encourage openness in the interactions among our users, thus, we show such things as Last Seen date in our user profiles and also indicate when a message a user sent has been read by the recipient.

We may keep user login detail as well as IP addresses on occasions for security reasons so it is easier to track a user who may engage in illegal deeds.

Who shares collected information with shall not give your personal information out to anyone, nor sell, rent, trade or share them. Except where otherwise stated in very clear language. In the event of a legal case requiring us to share your information through a court order or as required by law, we reserve the right to comply in such a situation. may on occasions, collaborate with our partners to showcase various services to you. Rest assured, though, that we will never give out your personal information, if we have not received your express go-ahead to do so. Notwithstanding, endeavor to check the privacy policy of such a partner to find out what they will do with whatever personal information you may share with them independent of us.

About’s links to other websites may have links to other sites. Know that will not be liable for privacy policies of these other websites. Ensure you check the privacy policies of these sites where your personal information is collected. This document is only valid for information collected by

What are Cookies?

Assist a site in knowing repeat users;

Allow the user’s current engagement with the site;

Help a site keep tab on usage pattern;

Gather collated data for content upgrades; and

Execute focused advertising.


For users who want to prevent cookies from getting their details, they should check their browsers for the option to prevent the cookie feature from launching. Cookie files can be removed whenever a user feels like doing so. Be aware that the design of makes usage of cookies very fundamental and it is important if you want to use  If you prevent the cookies feature being active on the website, you will be denying yourself access to some features on Sometimes, cookies are the way to give the user some features like customized information delivery. So, our cookies are connected to the user’s personal information. employs cookies in its service provision and interest-tailored content delivery. It also stores password to prevent the stress of re-typing it at every click on different pages on the site, and also for other uses.

Kindly know that cookies are employed only to remember information that is sent to your computer from We have NO WAY to get any other information that is not sent by

Our affiliates may employ cookies on our own site for say, advertising. But, we do not have any say over these cookies of theirs.’s policy on editing personal information

Our site permits editing or outright removal of both your public and private personal details from our database. Note that financial information provided while making a financial transaction and some account-related details gathered during registration are unchangeable by the user and also cannot be removed.

Will I be informed about changes in privacy policy?

Whenever changes are made to our privacy policy, there will be a clearly visible link that leads you to such changes on the Homepage. This way, we ensure you are informed of the information we collect from you, what we do with such information and the reasons, if any, that will make us reveal those information to a third party. Should there be a time when we act to use your personal information in ways clearly different from what we have told you when we collected it, we shall ensure you are informed through an email. In the email, we shall give you the choice of allowing us to use the information or refusing us use of the information.

How secure is my personal information?

Dulhadulhanonline.comdoes all that is possible to guard your information, both online and offline.

We use first-class encryption software to encrypt your sensitive details, e.g. credit card number, whenever or wherever we request you to input it. Rest assured, your details are completely safe with the use of SSL.

We not only employ SSL encryption in guarding your sensitive information online, we also ensure we guard your information offline too. We stick to accepted industry standards in preserving the personal information you give us whether while you are making your transactions or once we receive it. Every information you give us, inclusive of the sensitive details stated above and other details, stays in our offices. The only people permitted access to such information are our employees who need them in executing their specific job, like a billing clerk or a customer service representative.

Your photographs on our site cannot be downloaded or copied. That way we, as much as it lies within our power, have ensured your photographs are safe from misuse. Also, there is a watermark with the logo on your photos, that way it makes it harder to be used illegally on other platforms.

Kindly contact us by email for further enquiries regarding security on our website.


What is’s email policy?

Email is greatly involved in helping you locate your match on Here are the major email products and services:

User interactions with your profile (aka Contact Alert);

Partner matches for you (aka Match Mail); and

Newsletters keeping you informed of the latest features on our site.


Sometimes, you also get from us the following:

Information about special events which is involved or affiliated with; or

Special offers from affiliate sites, which we consider beneficial to you.

Being a member makes you automatically subscribed to all we have mentioned earlier as an important part of our matchmaking services to you. There is the choice of managing your subscriptions to our offers with the exception of Contact Alert. Every email you receive from us has a link for this. You can also use the My Alerts Manager option to manage your email subscription.


For emphasis sake, will never sell/rent out your email address to anyone without you expressly allowing us take such an action. To show how important this is, NO ONE sees your email address, not even other members of

Your friend’s email address: All over, there is the choice of sending interesting profiles/articles to your friends. We advise you to make careful use of this option as our spam-free privacy policy also extends to your friends. Only a one-time message can be sent to them per request and we will never contact them again until they choose to subscribe to our services by themselves.

How do you contact

For all your enquiries about this privacy policy document, what we do on, or your dealings with us, kindly email or contact us at:

Contact address is Suite 1, 100 City Centre Drive, Mississauga, ON. Canada

[email protected]