Getting Started – Registering and Profile Creation

  1. How can I become a member of Dulhadulhanonline.com?

    You need to fill the Online Registration Form available at site with accurate information to become a member of dulhadulhanonline.com
  2. Can I use this website on behalf of any of my family member(s) or friend(s)?

    Yes, you are allowed to use this website on behalf of anyone once you specify your relationship details accurately in the online registration form.
  3. Are there any registration charges?

    Registration is absolutely free of cost.
  4. What are the benefits of registering at Dulhadulhanonline.com?

    Dulhadulhanonline.com is a matrimonial website where members are allowed to keep their profiles updated so that they can find a suitable life partner. Members are allowed to view profiles of other members and can transmit messages to them in the safest way through website inbox. All members are encouraged to put profile pictures to grab more attention of other users. You can highlight your interests, hobbies, professional background and much more while creating your profile. Dulhadulhanonline is not an ordinary dating website, it supports & help members who are serious with regard to matrimonial relationship.
  5. Is the entire registration process lengthy?

    Registration is simple and may take just few minutes. It is strongly recommended to fill as much information as possible.
  6. How long does it take to create a profile?

    It will take few minutes to fill up online profile. No Credit Card is required to sign up at this website.
  7. Is it mandatory to fill all the details mentioned in the form?

    We want all our members to punch in accurate details to build trust with website and other members. It is just a one-time process and all your details will be saved with the website portal. The more complete your profile is, more members will view it. Only fields marked with an “*” are mandatory to be filled. But we encourage members to also punch in details in non-compulsory fields.
  8. Is profile complete without filling compulsory fields?

    No profile is complete and approved if compulsory fields are not filled with relevant information. Information in these slots is mandatory as they are used to build familiarity with other members.
  9. How many email IDs can I provide for contact?

    You just need to provide one authentic email address for contact purposes.
  10. How can I change my email address originally provided it site?

    You can subsequently change your email address at Dulhadulhanonline if your previous email address mentioned at this site is no longer in use.
  11. Where can I mention some of the details that I want members to know about me like caste, family name and ethnic background?

    You can communicate these details through messaging if someone contacts you or you can mention these additional details by using the “others” option.
  12. What if I am not sure about the accuracy of some of the details like place and time of birth?

    These details are mostly used to anticipate horoscopes and matching personality traits. You can leave this field empty if you are not sure about the accuracy of details. You can fill them afterwards once you become sure about this information. Horoscopes feature may be added in future.
  13. Is phone verification necessary? Is there any benefit of it?

    Phone verification is not necessary at this time. However, email verification is required. You will get messages and notifications once your email is verified.
  14. What is the purpose of assigning profile ID to members?

    The primarily purpose is to give your profile an identification code which can be used by other members when they will search for you. Your profile ID will be automatically generated upon registration.
  15. What is the eligibility criteria for registering at Dulhadulhanonline?

    All people who are minimum of 16 years of age and are looking for life partner are eligible to register themselves as members of Dulhadulhanonline.com.
  16. What Kind of information is prohibited to publish?

    Following contents are proclaimed prohibited by website:-

    • Offensive in any sense, promotes racism, religious, hatred, prejudice.
    • Content harassing the other person.
    • Content exhibiting any act of abuse/threat or intimidation.
    • Junk emails/Spams or chain letters.
    • Unauthorized use of trademarked information.
    • Content exhibiting pornography or sexual material.
    • Content involving exploitation of those under age 16.
    • Information encouraging illegitimate activities such at use of weapons and breaching privacy policy.
    • Misuse of someone’s personal information like passwords and national identity card numbers.
    • Any information that includes promotional or advertisement content.
  17. At times the website gives me an error message as it fails to recognize my email ID. What Should I do in that Case?

    Well in that situation it means, your email Id is being used by another entity. In that case you can send us an email at [email protected] from your disputed ID.
  18. Are there any specific conditions for deleting any member’s account?

    Dulhadulhanonline.com preserves the right of deleting any sort of content whether published on member’s profile or used as communication if it contains any abusive or offensive material. Regular reviews will be performed to check any term violations and member’s profile will be immediately deleted if found guilty of any transgression.